SIM activation

Activate Your Proof DashCam
SmartSIM™ Today!

Experience the convenience of our 1GB/month plan and 24/7 monitoring of your car.

Proof DashCam is committed to offering you the best experience possible. 

Our 1GB/month plan gives you all the data you need to stay connected!

Here’s how to activate your SIM:

Monthly Payment

$ 12.90 – 1GB/Month

Yearly Payment (1 Month FREE)

$ 141.90  – 1GB/Month


Of course.

You can cancel your package at any time. You will be able to use the sim card until the end of your current contract period.

You won’t be charged again.

Should you exceed 1GB usage in a month, your internet speed will be reduced, but there will be no additional charges.
For any additional support or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.