Activate Your Proof Cam SmartSIM™ Today and Enjoy 3 Months Free!

Experience the convenience of our 1GB/month plan for three months, absolutely free.

Proof DashCam is committed to offering you the best experience possible. That’s why we’re giving away a free SmartSIM™ to new customers for three whole months.

Our 1GB/month plan gives you all the data you need to stay connected, and it’s on us!

Here’s how to activate your SIM:

Enter Your ICCID:
You'll find the 18-digit SmartSIM™ ICCID on the SIM card itself. If you need help finding it, click here.
Enter Your Proof IMEI Number:
This is the 14-digit number on your camera.
Our team will contact you after your free 3-month period ends. You’ll have the opportunity to decide whether you’d like to continue with the SIM plan.
Should you exceed 1GB usage in a month, your internet speed will be reduced, but there will be no additional charges.
For any additional support or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.